Most Latest, Advance & Next Generation treatment for Varicose veins in Delhi Gurgaon at Dr. Sheorain’s Vein Care Center

15 November, 2021

Treating Varicose Veins has always been a challenge and it needs a fellowship Certified – Trained Vein Specialist like Dr. Sheorain with a vast experience & knowledge about the disease.

Most Indian Patients will find hard to believe when they come to know that they have been diagnosed with varicose veins. According to my experience, it is so common in the Indian society that personally, I see no place where I have not spotted people with varicose veins in legs. The burden or prevalance of Varicose veins in India is so high that whenever I go for morning/evening walk, play sports such as badminton/tennis &/or visit social get-togethers; there is very high likelyhood that I may find a knee length dressed gentleman or a lady having varicose veins in their leg. It is not that I deliberatley look for varicose veins but being a vein specialist treating it day in, day out; the varicose veins it gets easilty noticed by me. Over years of my clinical practice as a vein specilist, I have gathered that most patients who come to know about their disease, will try everything but won’t timely consult a Vein Specialist for their ugly looking leg veins. They will opt for oil massage, medications, compression medical stockings, Special diet, Homeopathy, Ayurveda & so called “Leech” therapy etc. To be very honest, in my personal experience & as per the available medical literature worldwide, none of the above methods work to reverse the advance stages of varicose veins.

In the early stages of varicose veins, most Indian patients may avoid visiting a physician beacuse most are unaware of the disease or could be shear ignorance as initially most veins are asymptomatic. However, when the disease progress, they start developing symptoms & now most will try to google, take suggestions from friends around or may visit a physician or a vein specialist if someone guides them to do so.

After reading about varicose veins on “Google” &/or on “YouTube” patients gather half baked information but for sure get’s a fair idea that one should visit a specialist of varicose veins for treatment.

In the last 4 to 5 years, however the trend has changed. I have encountered quite a few patients who are really concerened about their health issues. Such patients usually don’t waste their precious time roaming around but try to consult nearby family physcian or Vein specialist at an early stage of the disease.

Now coming to the treatment part of the varicose veins; it has drastically advanced since the days of open surgery (high ligation & stripping). At present, one of the most advance & Non-surgical options is an innovative, minimally-invasive closure system called as “Venaseal”. It treats leg varicose veins without any surgical cut by just gluing them off. At Dr. Sheorain’s Vein Care Center presently attached to Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, he uses this most advance medical adhesive aka VenaSeal™️ to treat ugly leg Varicose Veins.

These medical superglue “ VenaSeal” is Latest, most Advance & Next Generation treatment for Varicose veins. Not all phycisians who treated varicose veins are trained on Venseal System. It is supposed to be performed by only those vein specilists who are well trained on this device. The treating vein specilaist will do clinical examination, Ultrasound/Doppler test and thendecide whether the patient qualifies for VenaSeal procedure. The best feedback of this procedure from our patients is that most who have undegone Venaseal treatment find this procedure to be extremely comfortable, with actually no pain or any abnormal sensation experienced during treatment.

Medical super glue VenaSeal procedure is the “Next Generation” varicose vein treatment and it permanently seals abnormal varicose veins in legs.

Million Dollar question is whether this Super Glue technique is effective for varicose veins and when compare to Laser/RFA or surgery what are the benefits?

So lets talk about VenaSeal “Super Glue” technique:

My honest answer to all the patients suffering from varicose veins is that the VenaSeal procedure is an advanced & most latest treatment for venous insufficiency. It works by delivering a precise calibrated amount of medical adhesive to the diseased vein, sealing it off and rerouting the blood to other healthy nearby veins.

The VenaSeal system predominantly targets the abnormal truncal vein and its branches. This large vein extends all the way from the foot to the groin, and when normally functioning its main function is to carry the blood back up to the heart from leg veins. Once a patient develops varicose veins of this truncal vein, they are of no use to our venous system and works in an opposite and wrong direction causing all the symptoms & ill effects in our leg. The best way to treat the symptoms of varicose is to get rid of this vein by latest non-surgical methods.

VenaSeal is now well established procedure, and mid-term results look very effective and comparable to any other technique with added advantages of patient comfort. Till date numerous studies have shown VenaSeal to have at least a 92% success rate over 5 years, which is equivalent to the current standard endovenous laser or radiofrequency ablation procedures.There is no use of any form of heat or thermal energy. No need for injection saline tumescence with multiple needle pricks. If it is performed at an early stage of varicoe veins, there is even no need to wear stokings after the procedure. No cuts are involved. In some cases with many bulging superficial veins under skin, patients will require additional treatment with tiny injections called as sclerotheraphy or ambulatoray phelectomis which are performed at the of Venseal treatment.

The goal of VenaSeal, is to seal the abnormal varicose vein that too without any surgery or cuts. The human body then naturally reroutes the blood through healthy veins in the area, while reabsorbing the shut vein. The reabsorption causes the vein to disappear from sight.

Venaseal procedure is minimally invasive, meaning it involves only a tiny needle stick similar to giving an injection. The procedure i can be peformed with or without need for anaesthesia as per patient preference.

VenaSeal procedure involve injecting the medical grade super glue into the abnormal leg vein using a small catheter under ultrasound guidance, to harden it (sclerosis) and then have the body absorbing it. By closing this abnormal veins the blood flow is rerouted through healthy veins.

VenaSeal is a type of glue known as a “cyanoacrylate”. Cyanoacrylates are not new; this type of glue has been safely used to repair wounds and skin incisions for over 50 years. It has also been used as a life sto seal diseased arteries shut. VenaSeal is simply a new application for a well-known adhesive substance currently used by physicians and surgeons worldwide.A small amount of VenaSeal adhesive is injected into the diseased vein through a calibrated gun feeding into a small specially enginered catheter. The catheter is strategically inserted into the vein with the assistance of ultrasound-guidance.

After the procedure, a small bandage is placed over the incision site and patients can immediately return to their normal activities.

Two weeks after the varicose vein treatment, a follow-up OPD visit with Dr. Sheorain is done to ensure everything is on the right track. During follow up visit, if any smaller branch veins needs treatment, this will treated using sclerotherapy.

After 1 month, you can expect another follow-up appointment for an Ultrasound scan of your leg to verify that all the affected veins are treated. At this stage, the treatment is usally complete if the results are as it was expected.

Final words of advice from Dr. Sheorain’s Vein Care Center are that don’t ignore the ugly looking veins in your legs. It is very easy to treat at an early stage. The complications of keeping them for long causes many ill effects to our quality of life and body. If you notice abnormally looking veins on your legs, kindly consult a decicated Certified Vein Specialist around you. During early stages, most may not even need any treatment procedure and will benifit by just life style changes, temporary or short term medications and compression stockings. However those who have advance stage of varicose veins may have to choose from the available treatment options.

Currently most of the minimally invasive options are available in India and are all are effective.

The latest option aka “VenaSeal” has the added advantages of not requiring laser or radiofrequency heat energy, which carry some risks of skin burns or nerve damage, and also there is no need to wear compression stockings for long time in most patients after the procedure.

During your visit at the Dr. Sheorain’s Vein Care Center located at Floor 5, Medanta Hospital, Sector 38, Gurgaon, he will discuss in depth about all the Non-surgical options for treating varicose veins. He will guide & suggest the best suitable option to you. To contact Dr. Sheorain’s Vein Care Center please whatsapp your query on 9868887666 or send an email on or visit the website


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