Rare Procedure done by Dr Sheorain to open leg arteries

20 March, 2020

Rare Procedure to open leg arteries

Dr. Sheorain performed one of the rare procedure to open the closed leg arteries of his patient. The patient flew all the way from Uzbekistan. The patient had severe leg pain and a non healing ulcer (wound) in his foot. He was operated (Open surgery) in his country but they failed to open his leg arteries. Dr. Sheorain was able to open his arteries that too without any surgical cut and without any anesthesia. The patient got rid of his leg pain and his ulcer (wound) is also healed.

Collage of Pictures showing how Dr. Sheorain opened the leg arteries of his patient without any surgery by means of latest and advance technique. Patient was not even able to stand on his own.

Dr. Sheorain is an Endo Vascular Specialist who is trained to open blocked arteries and limbs. To know more about varicose veins of the leg and the latest treatment available, its benefit and risks please visit Dr. Sheorain in his OPD at vascular clinic floor 5 at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon or can visit www.vasculardoctorindia.com


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