Will the “Coils” move towards my heart and I will die during or after Varicocele Embolization?

01 January, 2019

I am writing this blog on the above mentioned topic because yesterday a young boy came to my OPD, who is still suffering from Grade 4 Varicocele and Infertility since last 4 years.

He had seen many physicians since then, but still couldn’t make his mind to undergo embolization treatment for his varicoceles. When I asked him what is stopping him to do so, he said he had read somewhere on internet that “Coils” that are used for embolization will move or migrate towards his heart and lung and he can die.

He is not the first patient who asked me this question? I believe a patient has all the right to ask and clarify his doubts before any procedure or surgery. I doubt the authenticity of the article or blog he had read and was quoting. He is not the only one who is victim of such false articles. Everybody does some research about his disease and available treatment options. The easiest way to do some research is surfing on smart phones. Many articles are genuine but a lot are fake as well. If someone really wants to read about disease and its treatment then best place is online medical journal articles, which can be purchased online. Please refrain away from fake blogs with no scientific references.

It is almost 15 years now that I am doing Varicocele embolization and using coils. I was trained in United States. As we all know that every year there is improvement in smart phones, softwares, cars etc and so is true with medical equipments including Coils. The current coils are very advance. However, since the availability of first generation of coils they are agents of choice for embolization. When used by a trained specialist it will never ever migrate from the place it was desired.

Coils are permanent embolic agents that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In general, they are easy to see, control, and deploy. They are typically used for occlusion of larger vessels and cause complete occlusion equivalent to surgical ligation.

Coils cause vessel occlusion by inducing thrombosis. Deployment of a coil acts by physically slowing or stopping blood flow, providing a thrombogenic surface for clot formation, and causing vessel wall damage that results in release of thrombogenic factors. Time to occlusion also depends on the type of coil used, as well as the rate of flow of the target vessel embolized. Typically, thrombosis occurs within less than 5 minutes after deployment. Over time, coils induce a chronic inflammatory response with organized thrombus and subsequent neointimal formation and fibrosis.

It is my advice to all those who have read the article on coil migration should read my article and visit my website www.vasculardoctorindia.com

Varicocele embolization is a very safe procedure and in the last 15 years, I have never seen or heard of any case of coil migration. Please feel free to consult Dr. Virender Sheorain for any doubts on Varicocele Embolization.
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