What Is Varicocele ?

A Varicocele is a network of large blood vessels in the scrotum (अंडकोष). One-way valves found in the draining veins of the testis may become defective to cause dilatation of the testicular veins leading to the formation of “Varicocele”.

My patients share that it is very difficult for them to bear pain in their testicles, or infertility caused by varicoceles. Varicocele is well-known treatable cause of male infertility. If untreated it may cause atrophy (shrinkage) of the testicles.

Some patients who visit me for consultation shared that they want to treat the varicocele but don’t want to undergo surgery for treatment. Therefore, I suggest them a simple solution called “Embolization”. Many men experiencing pain or discomfort achieve great relief from their symptoms with Varicocele Embolization, a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure. After the varicocele embolization, you can resume normal routine activities in almost a week. Varicocele Embolization is helpful in improving the fertility also for those suffering with infertility caused by varicoceles.

What are Symptoms of Varicocele ?

When a teenager suffers from Varicocele, he has annoying & dragging pain, feeling of heaviness and discomfort in scrotal/groin region of leg that interferes with his daily activities, studies and professional life. The affected boys/men usually will complain of visible or palpable (able to feel) enlarged veins and feels that one testicle is bigger than the other.

In the last 15 years of my Medical practice, I have observed that we Indians especially the teenagers or young boys are too shy to discuss the problems related to private parts with their parents. When the disease further progresses, their pain increases and they lose interest in routine work, studies and sports. When finally they tell their parents or see a doctor sometimes it may be too late with shrinkage of testis causing low sperm count and low testosterone levels.

Varicocele Treatment

Through this webpage my sole intension is to create awareness among the general public about this disease “ Varicocele” and also to convey that it can be treated without any surgery by special technique called “Embolization”.

I am really taken a back when so many patients call me and ask, is it possible to treat varicocele "Without Surgery". The reason for this could be that many Physicians are either unaware of this advance procedure or maybe it is not easy to accept the changing global trend. After listening to my reply that a well-proven Non Surgical treatment called "Varicocele Embolization" is available in India, they become so happy that sometimes even I can feel their satisfaction. The happiest among them are those who had already undergone a failed surgery for varicocele.

Non-surgical Treatment– Varicocele Embolization

"Embolization" is Non-Surgical treatment of Varicocele. Unlike varicocele surgery, embolization requires No incision, No stitches, or No general anaesthesia. After embolization the Scrotal pain & heaviness gets better and risk of infertility also decrease. Varicocele embolization patients almost don’t need overnight stay into the hospital. In addition, embolization is just as effective as surgery.

Embolization patients return to normal activities in a day or two, but varicocele surgery patients may need to avoid strenuous activity for several days or even weeks. Some complications of varicocele surgery, such as arterial injury (testicular death) or hydrocele (fluid around that testicle) never happen after embolization.

The common queries that patients asks:
  • What is the chance of recurrence after embolization,
  • How safe are the coils,
  • Whether the coils will move,
  • Whether they will remain inside my body forever
  • Or will I need to be take them out later,
  • Whether I will feel the coils

My straightforward and sincere answer to all the above queries is that "Embolization" is the safest and among the best available Non Surgical treatment option available at present. In our experience the recurrence rate of having varicocele once again after embolization procedure is almost "zero" or < 1% if performed properly and by a well-experienced Endovascular interventional Specialist. Till date, I have treated many patients in whom surgery was performed and patient never got treated of varicocele.

Few words about the coils: They are inert material and have no harmful effect on body and they act just like stiches to close the blood vessels from inside (leakage of blood). They are meant to remain inside our body forever and will cause no pain and shall never cause abnormal sensation. If coils are adequately sized and properly placed they shall never ever migrate or move.

Nowadays even liquid embolic agents like glue and sclerosants are available and many a times there is no need to even place a coil.

Benefits of varicocele embolization

  • Many studies have shown that varicocele repair can improve semen analysis significantly, but response varies with individual patient. In infertile couples, pregnancy rate improve upto 30-50 percent after varicocele repair.
  • While every patient is different, recovery from varicocele embolization typically takes less than 24 hours and many patients return to routine work the next day.
  • Embolization is a highly effective way to repair varicocele after failed varicocele surgery.
  • The cost is generally comparable to varicocele surgery. However, the cost varies depending on many factors that will be explained in details during your OPD visit with Dr. Sheorain.

Varicocele embolization is performed with no incision is inside or near the testicles. Rather, a tiny nick is made in the leg or neck to insert a catheter (a small tube). And the catheter is directed towards the abdomen and into the varicocele vein. Catheter is removed after the varicocele embolization and stitches are not required.

The goal of Dr. Virender Sheorain, varicocele embolization expert for all patients with Varicocele, is to prevent Unnecessary Open Surgery for Varicocele treatment and provide alterative Non Surgical choice called VARICOCELE EMBOLIZATION (which is becoming treatment of choice) that allow Men to return to life sooner and in better health.

We encourage men to schedule an initial consultation or a second opinion with Dr. Sheorain by calling 09868887666 at Medanta Hospital-The Medicity Hospital Gurgaon & Delhi. For Men who have already been evaluated by their General or Urology Specialist, Dr. Sheorain is happy to offer a second opinion or work closely with each patient's Specialist prior to surgery.

Although basic Surgery for Varicocele treatment (Varicocelectomy) is still an option for some patients, every men should consider being seen at a CENTER or HOSPITAL that can perform advanced Non Surgical treatment for Varicoceles.


Treatment Photos : Varicocele Treatment without Surgery

Varicocele, treated by Dr. Sheorain

Before Varicocele Treatment: Many Dilated Veins are seen

After Varicocele Treatment: Dilated Veins are no longer seen


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