IVC Filter Difficult Removal

19 March, 2021

Mera IVC Filter nahi nikal raha hai ! Aab main kya karu?

I am writing this blog on request of my another patient who came to me after she lost all the hopes and had contacted almost all the specialist doctors in North India who were experts in the field of IVC filter removal. She had also undergone a procedure to remove IVC filter in one of the reputed hospitals in Delhi and was told by them that “ हमने बहूत कोशिश की आपका IVC filter निकाल ने कि, लेकिन नहीं निकाल पाया। और अब आप भूल जाए की यह निकल सकता है, क्यूँकि अगर हम नहीं निकाल पाये तो और कोई भी इसे नहीं निकाल सकता है।”

My patient was a young female in her thirties, she and her husband both being well educated didn’t gave up. They started surfing web and then came across my old blog on removal of complex IVC filter removal. It was like a ray of hope for them. She called me late evening and was so nervous that she started saying all medical terms and asking me that will you be able to remove my IVC filter. She said to me that it is very difficult and a very reputed hospital doctors have already tried it yesterday but they failed. It seemed that she was almost about to cry. Even, I felt bad and advised her to see me in OPD.

She didn’t came for few days and then finally one day she sees me. Comes with so much anxiety and queries. I saw the CD of previously attempted removal at another hospital which got failed. After going through the CD, I assured them that it is quite possible that I can remove her filter. I have no clue what was going on in their mind during my counseling. She requested that because she had recently undergone a failed procedure, she needs a rest of couple weeks and will then come back for procedure.

Finally they came for the IVC filter removal procedure. I could sense in their eyes that the entire family was nervous and not very hopeful, but had no other choice than to trust their Doctor or Me. I took her for the procedure and within an hour, I could manage to successfully remove her IVC Filter out of her body.

After the procedure when I met her Husband and Mother, actually I don’t have words to express their happiness. The husband started touching my feet, as if I had done something they have lost hope or was almost impossible. The patient was sos so happy as if she was given a second life.

Short story behind this blog is that my patient and her husband both insisted me to write this story so that it reaches to many people who wants to get rid of their IVC filter and are unable to find a right doctor or specialist or a hospital. They told me it took them quite a while to surf on net and find about me. They also said that we are so educated ( Post graduates in BTech) and still had so much trouble finding the right place. Just imagine what would a lay man with limited knowledge of internet or technicality do?

Fig: just feel the Smile on Her face! This is what a Doctor desires when they operate on their patients.

My purpose of writing this blog is to create awareness among those who wants their IVC filter to be removed ( not required further) then they should not loose hope. They should consult a specialist before they give up. IVC filter placement and its removal is a very specialized procedure and should be done by a specialist who is dedicatedly trained to do so. Dr. Virender Sheorain, is a certified specialist to place and remove IVC filter. He is among very few who can remove most difficult and complex IVC filter from body. His success rate till date is 100%.

Fig: IVC captured

Fig: IVC filter pulled into retrieval set.

Fig: Completely removed IVC filter.

I am closing my blog with this and hope it will be helpful to those who are in need.

Dr. Sheorain can be contacted on veeru40395@gmail.com or 9868887666


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